The Bayer elevator pitch

Drawing - speech bubbles, the middle speech bubble with Bayer cross

We are all the face of Bayer. That’s why it is important that we all represent our company brand, too. This will obviously always have a personal touch, but here’s a few things to keep in mind.


A dynamic brand

We at Bayer want to act as leaders and drive progress. For this, it’s important to adapt and to live the optimistic, visionary, and passionate personality of our brand. This is reflected in our warm and vibrant visual, verbal and sonic brand identity.

Visual Identity


A human brand

Academy Brand Model

A brand is not just a brand, there’s the people working in our company who make it vivid. We want to be seen as a human, warm, confident, dynamic, and energetic company. A place where employees love what they do and help people, and the planet thrive.

Our Brand