You are an ambassador of Bayer impacting our brand’s value

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In improving the likeability of our brand, we need you. Learn more about why behavior, actions and communication are of such importance to the brand’s value.


You’re one face of Bayer

As an employee of Bayer, you have the power to set an example. If you know what Bayer as a brand stands for, you can bring it across to your colleagues, customers, and business partners. 


One Brand means One Voice

To operate as ONE Bayer, it is a huge advantage to use one brand, with one message and one identity. This means it’s important we all speak the same Bayer ‘voice’.


You are empowered

We can support you in using the brand assets, e.g., by providing information on Identity Net.  But ultimately, it’s up to you. You’re the one who uses these tools to make our brand unique. 

This is your impact

Your actions have a big impact on the brand value. Here are some of the basic thoughts we are eager to share with you.


Represent ONE Bayer

It’s important to use the brand consistently and from the point of view of ONE Bayer. Our company should be perceived as one brand, in external communications as well as internally.

Our Brand


Enabled to use our Visual Identity

Using the brand correctly is more than downloading and using brand assets. 
It’s also educating and enabling us in using those assets in the most on-brand way. It’s about visuals, sound and how we represent our company verbally as well. 

Visual Identity


Freedom within a frame

There are a lot of guidelines and recommendations in place. They are the framework that empowers you to create solutions that fit your purpose.
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